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Well first off, when someone uses the word guru, I tend to think in terms of the classical definition rather than the slang term used within computer science.

That link was posted to demonstrate some folly in not reading the documentation, which had changed since I last read it. I laughed, nobody in that thread got offended, stated I was mocking them or otherwise was contributing adversely to the thread. And yes I doubt I would need more than the faq to get past most dual boot difficulties, because the faq clearly defines the risks involved. I'm sure the author of that page in the faq would feel a little riled at the criticisms offered in that thread. (because, not being a guru in the classical sense they are subject to ego) All that said, I found that thread very informative, entertaining, and useful. Above and beyond what one should expect. A short cut for some and a more thorough treatise for others, regarding dual-boot on OBSD.

In kung fu, these sorts of misgivings between student and teacher might lead to broken bones, the greater punishment being permanent dismissal. With a traditional spiritual Guru, what you get is conformance peer pressure to include excommunication. Yet here disciples/students cry about OBSD being tougher than *nix or people being "mean" - I say bullshit, do what you're told and if you can't state your case. This isn't Navy Seal acceptance for crying out loud. You're asked to read, be respectful and do work son. If that's not how you want to spend your time go somewhere else (feel free to come back when ready).

Don't be that fool at the temple steps crying that Deadly Eagle Wushu shouldn't use Eagle Claw because your hands hurt.

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