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Originally Posted by ephemera View Post
what linux distro do you use and/or like? (i know its a dumb question.)

i want to use linux but am unable to decide which distro to use ... I need something developer centric but at the same time reasonably stable (which rules out fedora).
i am hoping this poll will help me decide.
... you've chosen Debian, and that would have been my recommendation. You can use -stable or even -testing for everyday life and you can use -sid/-unstabe for developing purposes.

I'm using Debian now for four years and I have to admit, that it's my favorite OS since then. The two main reasons are stability and aptitude. Up to now I haven't found another package management system, that is so easy to use and so powerfull (in respect to my needs!!!).

I really like OpenBSD and it is the one OS that could replace Debian. But I don't think that this will happen soon, because I'm working in the media business. Broadcasting via internet using flash becomes more and more important and we all know that flash on *BSD is no fun up to now.
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