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hi BSDfan666,

thank you for your help.

I did put in my "/etc/sysctl.conf" "hw.wpi.accept_eula=1" but It doesn't work.
During the boot process, the system is complaining with
- second level name wpi in hw.wpi.eula_accept=1 is invalid...

So what's next ???

About OpenBSD, I had some troubles with the 4.5 release, either with the acpi(acpitz) either with the network.

- acpi isn't working with 2 cpus(one is ok), the system reboots due to overheat(115°c), actually this value is false but anyway the system reboots.
I had to disable acpitz with "config"; when recompiling the kernel without "smp" or "acpitz" the system was unstable.
I've installed the 4.6 beta for testing purpose and the acpi issue seems to be resolved( I like the new installer, by the way ).

- I have to log in a wireless network at home(I'm not the administrator) where the password is made with the character "&", unexpectedly during the boot process I get "/etc/rc: &XXXX not found..." consequently, the wireless doesn't work. It appears that the system interprets the characters after "&" as a new command; therefore either with "ifconfig" or "/etc/hostname.XX0" I wasn't able to settle the network.
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