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Default hello from slowtechstef

Hello from slowtechstef from the Netherlands,

I have been lurking for a while in the forums, and decided to register. Here some background on where I am coming from.

I am quite OS-agnostic regarding computers ("the right tool for the right job"). However I like the elegance of simple and transparent over complex and opaque.

When I was a kid, my first computer experience was with MS-DOS. Primitive, but you could still understand what was going on on your pc. In contrast MS-windows was much more complicated and "behind-your-back computing". When I started studying in 1995, for the first time I worked with Apple Macs with Mac OS 8 or 9. An interesting experience. From 2000 onwards I started experimenting with Linux (Debian and later Ubuntu) and for a while also FreeBSD (4.x series). For work nowadays I use a MacBook Air with Mac OS X.

A few months ago I decided to try OpenBSD, as it was mentioned positively several times on Hacker News. It was also the OS that runs best on my 'vintage' Thinkpad 600E notebook (pentium II, 512 MB RAM, USB 1.1 (!)) which came into my possession half a year ago or so. I am really happy with the overall build quality of the machine in general, and with the keyboard quality in particular :-) Also the manual software-independent brightness switch for the display (4:3 goodness) works brilliantly. I am really amazed how OpenBSD makes it possible to use a notebook from 1999 today in an effective manner. Browsing the web is possible (not very fast of course, however it is certainly doable). And even suspend and resume works reliably.

I am not professionally involved with systems administration or programming, however I do have an interest in technology in general and computing in specific. Another interest I have is in 'vintage technology'. I do not think that 'newer' technology is necessarily also 'better', it is just different and usually involves a different combination of trade-offs. I also strongly believe in people controlling their computers, instead of the reverse (which is the actual current trend with closed black box devices such as iPads). This motivates me to learn more about Unix in general and the open source BSD variants in specific.

I hope to learn a lot in this forum, and also hope I myself can contribute some experience or knowledge to others in the (hopefully near) future.
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