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Originally Posted by Oliver_H View Post
Well oko, but it's better than this sorry-state of ports in OpenBSD ;-) It's okay for the usual ports in life, but most of the time I need more than that
I agree 95% You have to give 5% to OpenBSD ports being able to compile to so many different architectures while FreeBSD in practical sense supports only i386 and AMD64 for now. OpenBSD ports will remain in that state until more people gets involved. People who are hacking them are very, very competent but there is just too few of them.

I was also playing quite a bit lately with Linux binaries on OpenBSD. Not just Skype but with Epkowa and Maple. The Linux compatibility layer will at this point require some kernel hacking to be of any serious use. I hope Linux
compatibility layer in FreeBSD is in better state.

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