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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
No it is not It is far more complicated than that. It seems that other FreeBSD users are lot more aware of it
and you didn't sound so confident in this thread

By the way, my religious affiliation is Christianity while yours seems to be FreeBSD It is a very,very good operating system but it is not a religion even if you are making living out of it.
The other thread you pointed to has nothing to do with this thread, it had to do with re-building all your installed ports after a major version upgrade. I must have also missed the part where I didn't sound so confident... I said the method the 2nd poster listed for rebuilding only necessary ports (that would be affected by a major version upgrade) rather than all ports looked like a good method, and I would try it after a major version update. There was no lack of confidence

I agree that FreeBSD is a good operating system, but I'm not religious about it. I try to help others, and I try to get help from others when I require it. Sometimes people post less than factual statements, which I try to correct, but that doesn't mean I'm religious about FreeBSD. I correct people on a lot of things, mostly grammatical errors, so I guess I'm religious about correcting

I don't make a living from FreeBSD, though I wish I did. I work mostly with Solaris/HP-UX/AIX at work.
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