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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
Then when you create the new partition to replace the one you deleted, it will be put at the end of the list. This is not good, but you can fix it by going into expert mode in fdisk.
Would a changed number affect the NetBSD's boot, or you're concerned about the other partitions on the disk, after that one? Because, if it's the second case - yes, there're few partitions on the disk after that one, indeed, but, none of them is vital for any OS, so I could easily make changes in fstab.

Well, I wouldn't put into the NetBSD slice any space that you want to use for an ext2 partition. Keep those outside. Only put NetBSD filesystems and swap inside its slice.
Never will I. The "g" will be (I hope it will ) a new ffs partition created (by newfs) inside the slice as the final step at the end of all this process. That's why I'm looking to increase the slice and that's all we're talking about, isn't it?

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