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Originally Posted by gillindu View Post
I've started plain fstab, but, I don't see there is an option to choose the type of a partition one would create (!?)
You meant fdisk, right? You can set the partition type in fdisk (Linux') with the t option. It should be set to A9 (hex) for NetBSD. You can get a list of type codes with the l option. See ye olde man page.

Cfdisk does have that option. (Might it be that your Linux fdisk is nothing else, but, a meta-program, that, in realty, runs cfdisk?).
They're separate programs on my system:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 85380 Sep 10  2008 /sbin/fdisk*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 53208 Sep 10  2008 /sbin/cfdisk*
So, I've run cfdisk, deleted the "sun-ufs" partition and, after that (without having committed the change), I've chosen "New" in that same free space. Under "custom" it offers the list of partition types, so I've chosen "sun-ufs".
I don't know where you're getting sun-ufs from?? Use NetBSD as above.

But, when, at the end, I've tried "Make FS",it said - "Can't create filesystem sun-ufs, you'll have to choose another... Press any key to continue".
Are you saying you tried to make a ufs filesystem in Linux' cfdisk? That sounds like a recipe for disaster, if even possible. You should only demarcate the fdisk-partitions (one of which is a NetBSD slice) with fdisk. Make the FFS filesystem with newfs from a running NetBSD system, such as the install CD, once the disklabel is set up for the slice.
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