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Originally Posted by gillindu View Post
... the command
newfs /dev/wd0g
It probably should have been
newfs /dev/rwd0g
Am I correct? (The man page says no a word about it... or I don't understand.)
But, I'm looking now at NetBSD's /dev (mounted from Debian) and rwd0d is marked as being last modified a week ago (???), rwd1d - the day before yesterday (?) and all other rdwXY devices seem to have been as they are since the very first installation (only rwd0h somewhat later)
Hi, I've still been busy, sorry, and have just read the above posts. It looks like you're making good progress!

Yes, I think "raw device" means use rwd0g. It may be in the man page so would be good idea to recheck it carefully. Certainly it should not be done on the entire disk, nor the entire slice, nor any BSD-partition in the slice that is already formatted. It would wipe out all the data on any of those! newfs is like mke2fs under Linux, or format under DOS. It makes a new empty filesystem ready on the prepared partition, and will kill anything that is already there! So just do the new one you created.

As for the other new ext2 partition outside the NetBSD slice, that I would again create with fdisk, using f to fix the order (expert mode again) if needed, and then format it with mke2fs running from Linux. After that you can go to NetBSD and add it to your disklabel if it isn't there already.

Hope this helps, got to run for a bit again ...
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