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Originally Posted by gillindu View Post
It probably should have been
newfs /dev/rwd0g
Am I correct?
It seems I was. I've booted from the InstallCD (checked disklabel to see whether it was what it was supposed to be), executed the former command, it did its job... then I've mounted both /dev/wd0a and /dev/wd0h and listed them, to see if the content was still there , it was. Then "fsck /dev/wd0g", it was clear, I've mounted it. Now, I'm under the installed NetBSD and the job is done!!!

P.S. Well... almost done. I only have to export some big /usr/subdirectory (/usr/pkg) to the new partition, to add the mounting point in /etc/fstab and to delete the original content (from InstallCD shell)

Thank you, IdOp, for your assistence!
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