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Originally Posted by gillindu View Post
Why should I do it??? It's already here! (I've created both while doing this. Remember?) Or, you maybe suspect some Linux disk utility might have changed its features? Well, I'll see... if it works (in NetBSD) - good. If not - I'll tune it. However, the order is OK. (I did have a little problem in Linux that I forgot it would happen by reordering, but, it's already solved.)
Maybe I misread your prior post and thought you were going to do it again, sorry about that! It sounds like that's all done then.

And once again - thank you very much! Only... I see (I'm new in this forum) that in your header you have "Thanked 14 Times in 13 Posts" and your result hasn't changed after my last thanksgiving few posts above. Maybe that thanksgiving hasn't been sufficient? So, what should I do (I am too dumb for any phone) to thank you officially?
You're welcome, again too. I think the forum software has been changed so that thanks are not kept track of anymore. So no worries about that, the thanks you've said in your post are official to me.
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