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Originally Posted by bsdnewbie999 View Post
I need to write a GUI log file viewer in my project but i have no idea which Language suit best and run well in Openbsd.
Given the lack of details, you should try to leverage what you already know. What languages do you already have knowledge? As stated in a previous thread where you asked a similar question:
  • Given that you already have Java installed, consider Java Swing which is the collection of classes installed with Java which allows GUI programming.
  • Tkinter is the GUI class hierarchy installed with Python by default. It leverages the Tk GUI interface through Python. This is the same Tk interface leveraged by Perl/Tk. If I recall correctly, Ruby has bindings for Tk as well.
  • Qt is yet another GUI library which can be called from a number of languages -- C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • wxWidgets is a popular C++ cross-platform GUI library. Bindings exist for at least Python & Ruby. There may be others.

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