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Default pxeboot, bsd.rd, etcetera.

Bonjour. Long time no visit.

I have an ALIX (PC Engines).
I am doing an install from my desktop over the network to the ALIX CF card.

It is not working.
I have only spent several hours so far so I must persist ...

I think I have the DHCP and PXE bit sorted.
I have a tftpboot directory in my desktop root.
This contains a copy of the pxeboot file.
When I access the ALIX via the serial port (cu) and turn it on it talks to the DHCP server and uses pxeboot.
It tries to load "bsd" but doesn't find it.
After several tries it stays with a boot> prompt.

If I enter "boot bsd.rd" at the prompt I get:
booting tftp:bsd.rd: "numbers" "numbers"
entry point at "numbers"
Yes, that is an "i" with an accent. The "numbers" are alphanumeric and look like memory addresses.

I have tried to write a boot.conf that says "boot bsd.rd" and put it in /tftpboot and also in /etc. It doesn't seem to have any effect.
Right now though I seem to able to at least use boot> interactively and am more interested in getting bsd.rd to run.

Any help appreciated.

Best wishes.

P.S. If someone can point me to the man page that shows how to set up the global parameters for dhcpd.conf that would be bonza.
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