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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
  • Go to a brick-&-mortar store which will allow you to run a Live CD (an excellent use for jggimi's CD/DVD-environment offerings...), & test yourself.
I recommended installing onto a USB device. They're readily available and should boot as mass storage on most modern BIOSes. I had two reasons:
  1. Not all "modern" equipment comes with optical drives any longer. An external optical drive might be needed to boot optical media, which a retailer may not have available, and may cause some delay if you bring your own and attempt to exit the store with it in hand.
  2. My live media is now out-of-date, the most recent version is based on 5.0-release. I'd recommend installing 5.2-release or -current onto USB if looking to acquire new equipment. (I will evenutually update the live media; I just have not had time to do so.)
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