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It is clear that this is a syspatch(8)ed amd64 -release kernel, with -current packages.
To my understanding, it is only possible to produce this sort of error by:
  • using pkg_add(1) with installurl(5) and -D snapshot
  • using a -current $PKG_PATH
Corrective action: remove and replace all packages.


This "how-to" is untested. Do not blindly use these commands without reviewing them in the appropriate man pages.

  1. Back up your system.
  2. Ensure a correct installurl(5), and that the environment variables PKG_PATH and TRUSTED_PKG_PATH are undefined.
  3. Create a list of your manually installed packages with $ pkg_info -qm > my.packages. See pkg_info(1).
  4. Delete all packages with # pkg_delete -X. See pkg_delete(1).
  5. Reinstall -release packages with # pkg_add -zl my.packages. See pkg_add(1).

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