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My intent was to provide a framework that could be easily altered either during installation or post-installation. I personally use mutt/abook, mplayer without a front end, gvim and midnight commander.

I also like VLC but when went with gnome-mplayer to avoid pulling in the qt4 libs.

As far as Openbox vs Fluxbox there were several reasons I went with Openbox
For OpenBox the default local configuration file is in ~/.config and I was trying to centralize configuration files as much as possible. Also Openbox is utilzed in CrunchBang, ArchBang, LXDE and is the preferred window manager for the RazorQt project. Simply put, the chances of being able to import code from these projects into SimpleDE seemed higher.

Xfe is nice but it pulls in many dependencies, the audacious media player comes to mind. Default apps are easily set in ~/.config/mc/ini.

You can just edit SimpleDE55_pkglist.txt and substitute vlc for gnome-mplayer, thunderbird for sylpheed and xfe for mc prior to running pkg_add -l SimpleDE55_pkglist.txt

Likewise, the menu was constructed with at least one entry in each of the FreeDesktop categories to more or less serve as a place holder. I considered adding menumaker as a menu launched shell script but have not gotten around to it yet.

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