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All GNU-*Linux are stable in the same sense more-or-less. I can never fathom the term people throw around calling their distro stable. They are are all stable. In fact the most unstable aspect of a GNU/Linux distro is the kernel itself. Linux kernel is one huge pile of bugs. Over the years they've packed in so much (useless) stuff in it that so many things can and do go wrong. The LT release receives 100+ major revisions and the timetable isn't even halfway through. I personally no longer trust the Linux kernel for its stability. Just like it was the case with Windows all those years ago there's always an aura of fear hanging around the system that it may topple over any time. At this time they have three top release revisions and they are all fairly useless. To get anything remotely stable you have to go back to release 4.9 at the most.
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