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Aye, noted the guide (hence the ) but the problem is that people often look at the docs then ignore it. Sadly catb's guide is also oft ignored. My suggestion was to throw something like that into the docs or [old] BSD license it and throw it around forums...

This is probably the only forum I've been on in a long time that hasn't been:
a) Ubuntu-centric
b) isn't terribly arrogant (and if it is I'll find out later, don't disillusion me :P)

My enthusiasm is more that people here genuinely seem to want to contribute and follow the "10 commandments of non-egotistical programming" on the forum (which I guess is the inverse of this guide).

I don't know, I've had a few rude responses from devs in the past when I was polite about it and I've certainly seen a few newbies give them grief back and it just seems like a vicious cycle; we really need both thrown at the people involved - though idea of a TOS for an OS irks me in a way, maybe for mailinglists ...
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