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Yes, your pings to Google's main website are returning, at 120-150 milliseconds each. Not very speedy, either due to your virtual machine or your network connectivity.

You could install a browser, but with only 256 megabytes of RAM, none of the major browsers will perform well; they are all huge resource consumers. I have a little Atom netbook with 1 gigabyte of RAM, and Firefox consumes all of it, often.

I just saw dillo recommended on the misc@ mailing list today. That, or other lightweight browsers may be more useful in a small VM.

The key to installing any third party package is to first set a PKG_PATH. If you have a a file called /etc/pkg.conf, it defines this path. That file is created for you during network installation. If you installed filesets and kernels from USB or CD-ROM, the file won't exist.

So, you can set the PKG_PATH environment variable, then use the pkg_add(1) command. Here's an example, for two browsers:

# export PKG_PATH=http://<your nearest mirror>/pub/OpenBSD/5.7/packages/i386/
# pkg_add w3m dillo

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