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Not very speedy, either due to your virtual machine or your network connectivity.
Both, the actual "modem" is a usb broadband device, sometimes reasonably good signal, and not to slow, but the last couple of days it has been poor, then combined
with the VM,
On the "built in ftp program, and "some anonymous" ftp site, not gibberish, makes sense.
In fact when I work on my website, I all ways use either the ssh, or sftp to access it, upload files, edit ,etc.
You could install a browser, but with only 256 megabytes of RAM,
I had a feeling, on that, when I setup the VM, that was the default RAM, the vm suggests, I should have set it up with more,..don't know if I can change that, or maybe need to make a new one,..On all of that, as much as I don't like the VM, it is giving me the opportunity to
explore different options, and when I have another computer I can install too , I will have more experience on the installation,setup ,etc.
Thanks for the response.
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