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Thanks, I found that, and increased the ram,
also I was able to install dillo, it seems to work pretty good, when I was going to log in here,
apparently the "window" for the log in is to small, and my entire password did not fit, so
I need to shorten my password, I was able to log into another forum, just fine, using Dillo, but my password is shorter, unfortunately, with the VM, and not such a good connection, it
is very slow,.. Anyway, I am starting to like open bsd more and more , ...
Another thing though, when I installed Debian 8 (Jessie), to the VM, I was able to connect , similar as I now can with OpenBsd, but when I actually installed it (debian 8 ) to my HD, I also did have to install these "non free firmwares",drivers, other wise the networking won't work,
I have not seen anything on this on the FAQs, but to be honest, had not looked much, cause I am not there yet, am I going to need to do the same with, OpenBsd, ?
Thanks on the replies, they are helping me very much,..
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