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Originally Posted by cw_ View Post
Thanks, I'll definitely take a look. How is ACPI support?

edit: Also, I notice that the u6e has a rather small screen. What resolution can you get with that 12.1", and how cramped is the keyboard?
I'm running x at 1280x800, it's quite crisp and doesn't want for desktop space. It's a 16x9 display, so the keyboard is pretty comfortable. About the same as my old 15" thinkpad (which the asus replaced after the thinkpad died). I bike commute, so the smaller form factor is a big plus but at this resolution I have no problem running a mess of terminals and VPN/RDP sessions all over the place.

ACPI is supported, battery is monitored properly and shutdown through acpi is fine. I haven't really essed with the sleep mode though.

I'd previously been inclined to thinkpads, but most of the new ones are running GMA950 video chipsets and 4965AGN wireless cards so it's not like their hardware support was notably better than the ASUS. I had to pick this up in a bit of a hurry at Microcenter because I use the laptop for work, but if you've got time you'd probably do well to get a supported wifi card for the express slot rather than the USB wifi device I went with.

Oh, another nice thing about the ASUS u6e is that it came with a 2300mAh battery that's flush with the case (and holds about an hour's charge) and a 4600mAh battery that sticks out a bit but lasts for two hours.

Another bit of gush - I can actually see the display when I'm outside and it's sunny. This is pretty incredible.

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