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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
Like always it depends on the hardware you have of course.

Mac OS X worked fine on my box, it crashed once for 3 weeks od usage, my hardware is Intel Q6600 + Intel 965G, the only problem was that I had to use 1024x768 vesa because there is no Mac OS X driver for X3000, but there is for X3100 (mobile version), such driver do not exist because Apple does not sell computers with X3000, but that was only disadvantage, all other things worked out of the box, KALAWAY ISO for INTEL from torrents to be precise.

About OpenSolaris, Intel GMA works even faster then on Linux, 1590fps in glxgears on OpenSolaris while "only" 1490fps at Linux.

There is also other way of getting hardware working on Solaris, use xVM/Xen, so hypervisor drivers will be used while Solaris dom0 will use only standaart hypercalls to xVM/Xen, hypercalls to "generic Xen hardware" but I have to verify that.

Generall FreeBSD support is very good, but it has big hole when it comes to GFX drivers (kernel DRI) unfortunelly.
I plan to stick with Macs for laptops. It's the first time I've had Unix without any compatibility issues. I understand it's a closed platform, but I don't care. My needs come first, and so far, this MacBook Pro has satisfied them as aptly as my FreeBSD desktop-server does.

I also plan on building a second desktop comparable to my current one to run OpenSolaris on. I like to have multiple desktops with one central source for files that should be available on all desktops. sshfs does very well, and I expect that it should work just as well on OpenSolaris. OpenSolaris holds a lot of promise, but like you said in another thread, it needs packages. pkgsrc doesn't work as well as it should, so IPS and Blastwave are the only options. Blastwave packages are generally out of date as well, so IPS is the only option assuming its collection grows. I think that by this time next year, OpenSolaris will become a real option to Linux.
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