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Question KDE4 - truly beautiful, except one little issue

I just updated my main workstation today to KDE4 along with some other software, and KDE4 is truly a work of art. The entire thing is really quite beautiful with one small problem.

It may be related to legacy KDE3 stuff in my home directory, but for some reason my systray clock is blinking and the second digit of the seconds is covered by what looks like junk when in seamonkey. Seamonkey is maximized in one of my virtual desktops. Moving the mouse over other virtual desktops looks incorrect as well (the highlighting it normally does over them is not correct in appearance, the actual weirdness is hard to explain). Once I change to another virtual desktop, such as an empty one, or one inhabited by a maximized ktorrent or konsole, everything is normal until my focus returns to seamonkey in its virtual desktop. I've tried with Firefox3 as well, and this issue only seems to occur with seamonkey (I prefer the seamonkey UI to the newer firefox UI).

I've seen a few other KDE4 users on here, has anyone else seen anything like this? I can't get a screenshot of it, as the problem goes away when I bring KSnapShot into focus.
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