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Originally Posted by e1-531g View Post
Is there any book you would recommend about OOP?
I'm not familiar with the OO technology landscape. My initial enthusiasm in EiffelStudio was that this might be a complete, coherent toolkit that could be used to build a reasonably efficient and reliable, cross-platform, embedded-multimedia GUI application. Very significantly, regarding my enthusiasm, is that a complete solution includes a mature, well-developed human interface to the tool-set (documentation, tutorials, reference material, cookbooks, community, etc.), and at first pass, something like that seemed to exist. And finally, that the tool-set/method is based on a convenient set of principles that could be comprehensible and competently usable without extensive investment in training and practice. As it turns out, the enthusiasm was premature and probably due mostly to a projection of hope[1] and need[2]. Two or three weeks of research (a rather high cost) produced a more realistic assessment.

[1]: a hope that software "engineering" technology isn't the degenerate cesspool of gang and cult nonsense that it seems to be
[2]: a need for usable technology.

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