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Default 6.3 Release kernel panic

So I installed 6.3 onto my rather old desktop PC, which had previously been running Linux. It had been running for a few days in text mode (i.e no X), and I'd been happily installing bits and pieces and various personal shell scripts, etc. Everything was running smoothly.

Then I decided to install the MATE desktop. A few minutes after running X, the system locked up, keyboard, mouse unresponsive. Unable to login via ssh, the only option was to physically turn the machine off using the power button.

When it had rebooted, and the various fsck processes had finished, and without loading X, the kernel paniced and I was left with the screen below (see attachment). Again, I had no option but to use the power button to switch the machine off.

I'm using an nvidia geforce 9800GT, which is ten years old. I noticed when the MATE desktop was being displayed, it looked a little "glitchy" - there were a couple of red lines, barely visible, at the top of the screen. I'm thinking maybe the video card is on it's way out. I'm aware nvidia are not the best choice for use in OpenBSD (and so I've just ordered a new Radeon card to replace it). Hopefully that will cure the problem. I've never seen a kernel panic in OpenBSD before, it came as quite a surprise

Any comment, advice, much appreciated. TIA.
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