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Regarding your problem with the window manager, perhaps try a window manager that is shipped with the OpenBSD base install as that should not cause you any problems. I started out with FVWM but have since moved on to CWM and really like its minimalism. The settings file in CWM is far simpler than FVWM's which is a bonus.

Originally Posted by ip6ix View Post
(quite fortunate considering your comments about fan-control.)
I had a similar problem with Nvidia when I was on Linux, however the fan was not stuck on maximum, it was always on a medium setting, so I wonder how they game on Linux using Nvidia without frying their cards.

The other option is water cooling which is a lot of money and effort, or get one of those after-market coolers where the stock fans of the video card are replaced with a card with two or three fans. But they did not say on their website whether the fans were controlled by the OS, or by onboard sensors and the hardware. Also they did not provide lists of what card numbers worked with their coolers, so in the end I lost patience with it all and bought a passive card.

Originally Posted by shep View Post
I'm running an AMD A6-5400K APU w/ HD 7540D Graphics. I'm very pleased with it.
Nice! When I asked about video cards late last year on the OpenBSD gaming reddit, they said anything above the 6000 series was something to be very careful of, as they weren't fully supported yet. What would be nice is a separate hardware thread here for working video cards related to high performance graphics/gaming so this info is easy to find.

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