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Originally Posted by comet--berkeley View Post
You may still be correct IdOp. Just because Microsoft has to pay a fine does not mean that they will actually make other browsers more available...

Time will tell if Microsoft actually does anything.
Well, according to that article (if I've read it right) MicroSoft did initially (in 2009) comply with the EC, and many browsers were downloaded through Windows that way. Then in their Win7 Service Pack 1, they goofed up and de-activated the browser choice menu, leading to this fine after they came forward with the error.

All that said, again according to the article, it took the EC from early 2000's to 2009 (let's say 5+ years) to get MS to agree. That's a lot of time, and money spent on lawyers. If the secure boot / UEFI thing goes this way, such a delay could lead to a lot of pain for the non-Windows PC users while the process plays out. Hopefully the threat of this process, with browsers as a precedent, might make MS more willing to be helpful.

I don't know if there's a better way. I'm not technically knowledgeable on how it works, just find it an interesting topic to follow as it affects PCs significantly. Thanks for linking the article as it prompted me to finally read about the fine. It's funny I didn't read the other similar article because I usually like to read about things where MicroSoft was bad.
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