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Default DR-DOS question

I know this mostly BSD-land, but perhaps someone in here can answer my question.

Can DR-DOS be installed on a hard drive other than the first one of the IDE array? My computer's set-up is something like this:

130g drive, two partitions; one for Windows XP, and the other is UFS storage
an old 12g drive, currently empty (leftover from an earlier project)
IDE-2 and IDE-3:
optical drives
40g drive, housing PC-BSD 1.5.1. This is my primary OS.

I currently use the GAG boot manager; both PC-BSD and WXP boot without a problem.

I want to put DR-DOS on that empty 12g drive. I have some legacy software that needs a native DOS environment (long story). Emulation and "dos box" helped for some applications, but not all. Earlier versions of DOS, and MS-DOS in particular, required being installed on the first hard drive in the IDE array. I'm wondering if DR-DOS 7 has that particular limitation.

If DR-DOS needs to be on "drive one," can I still install it on "drive two" and use the mapping function of the GRUB boot manager to trick it into thinking it's on drive one? (I have no problem dropping GAG if GRUB will give me the extra functionality.)

If anyone can help, thanks in advance.

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