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OK. Let us now back up, and find out what kind of monster you created in your laboratory, Dr. F. I'll play Igor:

yesterday I was installing some stuff in my openbsd server (libiconv, which took me hours to make), and doing so I probably changed some stuff like 'ld', rights or CGFLAGS.
  1. Were you building from /usr/ports/converters/libiconv -- from the OpenBSD ports tree, Master, as described in FAQ 15? Or perhaps, Master, you manually downloaded the software and built it by hand?
  2. If from the ports tree, Master, does the version and flavor of your ports tree match the version/flavor of your OpenBSD system, as described in FAQ 15.4.1?
  3. Would you post the output of ldconfig -r for me, Master? Paste it into your reply, surrounded by code tags.
  4. What hump?
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