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Next: repairing /usr/local. (Repairing /var will be left up to you, moving your database around, etc. and other such administrative activities).

Step 1. Obtain the base46.tgz file set for your i386 architecture system from <your nearest OpenBSD mirror>/pub/OpenBSD/4.6/i386/base46.tgz

Step 2: Unpack it into its own directory structure, wherever there is room, keeping all of the permissions and ownerships:
# mkdir -p <path to directory for the base files>
# cd <path to directory for base files>
# tar xpzf <path to the downloaded>/base46.tgz
Step 3: Reboot in single user mode. At the boot> prompt, type -s. Hit the Enter key at the prompts until you get the shell.

Step 4: Mount your standard filesystems read/write. This should include both /usr/local and your <path to directory for base files>
# mount -a
Step 5: clear /usr/local of all files:
# cd /usr/local
# rm -rf *
Step 6: copy a clean structure over from the unpacked base files>
# cp -pR <path to directory for base files>/usr/local .
Step 7: reboot or exit the shell to start up multiuser mode

Step 8: add php and mysql from packages
# export PKG_PATH=ftp://<your nearest mirror>/pub/OpenBSD/4.6/packages/i386/
# pkg_add <your various desired php5 and mysql packages, even apache2 if you dare -- See your mirror's directory for the lists>
Step 9: Restore your php/mysql/other enviroments.
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