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I'm running pf here in the office that is doing load balancing for our 2 adsl lines.

I would suggest you first try a very basic setup to get it working and then start adding your route-to and reply-to rules.
The most basic will be as J65nko pointed out with the link to the pf page.

Once you have that working then you can start routing your traffic to where you want them to go.
Here are a few examples for incoming traffic
rdr on $ext_if1 proto tcp from any to $ext_if1 port 80 -> $webserver
pass in log quick on $ext_if1 reply-to ($ext_if1 $ext_gw1) proto tcp from any to { $webserver } port = 80
and if you want your outgoing traffic to use a specific line
pass in quick on $int_if  route-to { ( $ext_if1 $ext_gw1 ) } proto tcp from $lan_net to any port = 22
Hope this helps you a bit.
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