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A little more infomation about Redhat
Redhat has a very competitive software model. They basically develop their software through the entirely open Fedora project which they support along with H-P, IBM etc. They also provide salaries/grants for key developers such as Linus Torvald, Open Source Lab etc. After the code has been throughly tested it is pulled into RHEL.

Lately, Oracle has started selling support contracts for RHEL and is also releasing a RHEL clone without anywhere near the support for the Fedora community that RedHat invested. The code Redhat withheld is only for the builds - it is not released on the installation media. Although this limits competition from Oracle it had adverse effects on Centos.

There are also other RHEL clones: Scientific Linux and ClearOS which were able to release their clones sooner. Centos claims to have done a much more detailed code review and to be as compatible as possible with The Upstream Vendors (TUV) product.

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