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Originally Posted by shep View Post
There are also other RHEL clones: Scientific Linux and ClearOS which were able to release their clones sooner. Centos claims to have done a much more detailed code review and to be as compatible as possible with The Upstream Vendors (TUS) product.
CentOS people are full of crap. First of there are far more clones of RedHat.
With all due respect I would bet that CentOS is the worst clone of RedHat. I was using Scientific Linux. It is a work of two developers but that is their day job. They work full time in Fermi labs on it. Currently, I am testing PUIAS Linux which stands for Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study Linux

How about Rocks Cluster

or Bull Linux

Arguably some of the above are focused on scientific computing but
for the Carpetsmoker the most interesting will be StartCom Linux (Israel's server specialized distribution)

Unlike CentOS all other derivatives are work of people whose day job is to work on those distributions.
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