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I have done some testing:

Common data:
  • 1 TB
  • Configured as AHCI
  • 7,200 rpm
  • 512 bytes per sector
Commands to write & to read:
write: dd if=/dev/urandom of= alea bs=10m count=1024
read: dd if=alea of=/dev/null
  • NetBSD FFS2
  • Write speed = 134 MB/s
  • Read speed = 166 MB/s
  • SEAGATE ST31000524AS
  • FreeBSD UFS2 + Softupdates journaling
  • Write speed = 63 MB/s
  • Read speed = 116 MB/s
Note: the u in urandom means the two different forms used in each OS.

As we can see, the SAMSUNG disk performance surpasses the SEAGATE disk's one by factors of 2.1X (write) and 1.4X (read). Although they may work together, it is a waste for the faster to pair them. I also suspect that the slower suffers to keep up, so any kind of RAID with them is discarded.
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