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Thank You i but i just got a new motherboard and PIV
i doubt i need an old inexpensive PIII

i just got a new board with a PCI-E 2 slot as well as 4 gigs of ram for now and i think that is quite sufficient although i know nothing about how to install BrandZ.

i do not even have Solaris on here at the moment i plan to eventually
have it back on my machine again at some point.

Anyways Thank yu for your reply

by the way how do you close a post here

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
No of course not. Solaris is completely different OS and those applications are making some Linux specific system calls. I do not know if there is emulator for Winodws applications (although Skype through Wine is very iffy) on Solaris but you can install your favorite version of Linux in the BrandZ and then install Skype on it. It does work but you will need lots of RAM. Obviously if you just need Skype you are better off to get an inexpensive old PIII and use for instance Slax with Skype module only.
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