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Default confirm possible bug in cwm or emacs

Hi, if someone is running cwm and emacs 24.2 linked to gtk3, can you do me a favour? I think I'm seeing an error where cwm inappropriately sends the emacs window to the back in the window stacking order in response to a certain X event. If you could try the following and tell me if emacs stays on top, I'd greatly appreciate it:

1. open an emacs window (frame in emacs parlance).
2. open at least one other (non-emacs) window in the same cwm group.
3. bring the emacs window to the front so it overlaps the other window.
4. evaluate the following expression in emacs's *scratch* buffer:
You can evaluate this form by pressing ctrl-x ctrl-e with the cursor after the right parenthesis.

Does the emacs window stay on top or go to the back? How old is your emacs port and cwm build? I don't imagine it matters, but what architecture do you use (I'm seeing this on macppc)?

If anyone has an emacs flavour not linked to gtk3, I'd be curious if you see the problem too.
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