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Well, I looked at this again tonight and it gets weirder. It's not a source sync or incorrect xenocara install problem. It really is the addition of the debugging symbols that made the bug go away.

One thing I don't understand. If I have a cwm binary built with CFLAGS=-g and INSTALL_STRIP='' there seems nothing I can pass to the strip command to turn that binary back into the equivalent of one built without debugging info in the first place. I guess I should read the gcc docs about -g or look at the files using readelf or something, but does anyone have any quick hints about that part of it?

Well, I see there are other options than plain -g that gcc accepts (Options for Debugging Your Program or GCC). I'll try some of these maybe, see if I can get enough debugging to step through cwm but not enough to turn off the bug. Do you think anything there's likely to be useful?
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