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If my extended comment boar someone out there, just SPEED-READ or turn the page from USA to your home town.

PRIMARY-1 ... Windows trickery *TRY* to enforce this on me, but did on most but MS was still was smart enough to keep Windows in a single partition. Just like programming tools. Is it C++, Perl, PHP or what ... You use the one that is tailored for the job. Windows did the best job as a desktop up to XP. Now it's a KDE/EXPLORER operating system ONLY. So it's DIE with vista ++.

PRIMARY-2 .. FreeBSD is happy .. he got SLICES ... You can get up to {8} PARTITIONS under its own UNIVERSE, and you can throw any possible clown in jail to help ensure your system is secure ... Windows or LINUX cannot do this. Patrick Henry meant to say: Give me my choice of which UNIVERSE I want or give me LINUX.

PRIMARY-3 .. PcBSD is happy .. but with PcBSD-9.0 he got gPart issues big-time. This is why I think I seen the light already. Anyway, PcBSD play with LABELS. Maybe that's a ZFS thing, I don't know. Here's something I found about REAL BSD labels:

EXTENDED-4.. Since Linux is weaker than BSD ... It's because must have a separate PARTITION for swap and more if he wants better security. The good thing is he can waste PARTITION inside EXTENDED where you own up to 15 to 29 logical partition depending on OS used. But tthe OS really don't call the shots if you know what your doing with standard MBR. Problem is the new FreeBSD installer seems to be stepping on some toes. Maybe this links can help explain some of my concerns:

The bsdinstall CDs are really nice, as the installer is a LiveCD with several opportunities to "do it yourself". Drop to a shell, ...
I like the old FreeBSD installer. I don't know why the world was wining about it. It took me a long time to get use to it but I only got to know the simple standard install, the rest was too far over my head until NOW. Now I see it had it all, all along, but the new LIVE-CD can be a plus if it play ball properly, with-out the HACKING. But I'll do it if I have to.

... use gpart to configure the disk, create the filesystems, mount them to wherever it needs them (it tells you), then restart the installer and away it goes.
I use to use *Partition Commander* from my Windows world for everything until I learn that cfdisk under ARCH or Fedora was better. I also used gPART live-cd but you could not make UFS partitions with-out a lot of buggy libraries, so I dump it... it seem that FBSD accepted it. Btw, I don't plan to use ZFS other than to experiment with it someday. Oko told the real story on this one and that something far to deep from the simple things I plan to do. That's a phoenix thing.

gpart is the problem I think. The new FreeBSD installer seem to waste three PRIMARY partitions *OR* at lease two FOR SURE ... I get a BOOT partition, a SWAP partition and the standard UFS partition for root, usrs and such.

The reason I know is that I watch and I check. After the install I use *Partition Commander* to view the disk. *Partition Commander* knows that this is not a common FreeBSD-UFS partition and that is why it marks the partition as DEFECTED.

Now should I say, all is well... NO, because I think the new installer has actually stole all three of my PRIMARY partitions, trying to do things the LINUX way "BUT" it can't live on EXTENDED where partitions are plentiful so now the user suffers.

The disk partitioner is also much nicer in bsdinstall. You can get the bsdinstall CDs here.
I'm downloading it now! But I hope this not the same installer for FBSD-9.0 If it is, even you missed all the points I been trying to make. But don't feel bad ... nobody understand.

Anyway, it don't matter because I will be hacking it soon until that is taken away, and if so, I'll write my own BSD. I always wanted to piece things together from places like the link you posted. That is the only way to deal with BSD. As far a a desktop, PcBSD may be the winner once they cut down on memory usages in 9.0 and solve the gPart issue.

Hope you know I appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks phoenix

BTW, I hate writing because I don't know how to talk and I have no time to learn how-to present myself. I rather code and I know a lots of people that will tell you the same. But here I need someone to know what the issue is, but if you dedicated the disk your whole computing life, you will never know.
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