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It was Phoenix and I were moderators there, but we did not have the appropiate administrative powers to deal with spammers there.

The owner of did not have time himself and/or enough trust in us to give us the administrative privileges to handle the serious spamming issue. He also could not be reached by email. In several emergency situations I had to send a fax to the administrative contact of the "whois" entry. That was the only way to reach him. Actually I never knew his name.

In beginning of 2008 I just bought a new house and was too busy with moving and renovating the new place to start a new forum myself. Phoenix was very busy too.

That is when Carpetsmoker came in the picture. I recommended him the Vbulletin software. My suggestion to use "BSD" in the forum name came too late, he already registered

At the same time some people of the FreeBSD project, seeing the value of a forum platform for FreeBSD, were working on an alternative. Because FreeBSD is the most popular of the three BSDs (Free, Open en Net) we,, lost the majority of the members to their new official FreeBSD only forum. (

RE: BSDnexus

The BSDnexus people started their forum when introduced some minor ICT related advertisements. I remember that after some time they lost their first bsdnexus forum contents because of a security issue and had to start al over again.
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