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Originally Posted by Oliver_H View Post
>But I think there should be a difference between a server OS and a desktop.

An operating system should deliver a proper base, especially an UNIX operating system. Doing a desktop or doing a server is the thinking of the eighties, the time of the commercial unices, the time of the dinosaurs - well rest in peace, don't come back. So an os should deliver a proper base and a community surrounding it should deliver the foundation for the server or desktop flavour.
When was the last time you had to set up a Linux server ?
Why on earth would a server need running bluetouth service (RHEN)?
Why a server should ever be configured using DHCP (Ubuntu) ?

As far as the dinosaurs are concerned, welcome to the 21st century where the horsepower of a modern server can seriously doubt the benefit of setting up different servers when you can use an ESX for that purpose.

Unix has grown but the needs of a server - desktop environment have become very far apart. Also, consider the security issues for a kernel that have to support all the device drivers of modern desktop peripherals. Even in a modular environment.

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