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Default Thinkpad nvram in NetBSD

hi everybody,

this is my very first post, so please go easy on me.

i've installed NetBSD on my Thinkpad T42. i managed to get everything working (even suspend/resume and radeondrm after compiling a new kernel). there are some things that i miss from Linux, though. (i'm not a great fan of Linux, but it has pretty good support for my laptop, so please don't judge me. these are: APM (protection system for the hard drive), being able to manually set fan speeds, Synaptics touchpad support, and the hotkeys.

i understand that even though there is some experimental support for the Thinkpad motion sensors, it's not fully implemented, and there's no userspace stuff to control it (e.g. hdapsd).

i'm also pretty sure that there's no way of manually setting fan speeds, and that there are no Synaptics drivers for NetBSD.

my question is: is there a kernel module specifically for the IBM ACPI, like ibm_acpi.ko in FreeBSD, which would allow me to use the Fn+X hotkeys? if so, where is it? how do i install it? how do i load it?

sorry for these noob-ish questions, i'm mainly used to Linux and Solaris, i have no real experience with BSDs.

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