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From compat_linux(8):
     A lot of programs are dynamically linked.  This means that the Linux
     shared libraries that the programs depend on and the runtime linker are
     also needed.  Additionally, a "shadow root" directory for Linux binaries
     on the OpenBSD system will have to be created.  This directory is named
     /emul/linux.  Any file operations done by Linux programs run under
     OpenBSD will look in this directory first.  So, if a Linux program opens,
     for example, /etc/passwd, OpenBSD will first try to open
     /emul/linux/etc/passwd, and if that does not exist open the `real'
     /etc/passwd file.  It is recommended that Linux packages that include
     configuration files, etc., be installed under /emul/linux, to avoid
     naming conflicts with possible OpenBSD counterparts.  Shared libraries
     should also be installed in the shadow tree.
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