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Default installboot program as script


I will brief the reason why I have written a minimal script that does the same work as the program installboot(8) (at least what I needed).

I had compiled the boot(8) for i386, and I was wondering how to test it, but I did not brave enough for testing in the hard disk of my computer (though I used before installboot because I erased /boot once, but this was another story).
So I decided to create a new partition and new file system at a flash memory, after that /boot (new program compiled) was copied at new flash memory file system. I thought that the next step will be easy, just use installboot program, but I did not manage to modify the values that installboot changes to biosboot, because the file system is not the same as the installed system.

After that, I created an script to do it "manually". Of course, I have get the offset of the variables from my biosboot, and maybe in other computer could be different. Anyway, I think sharing the script is profitable.

The script can be found at

I think this is useful for the community.

Thank you for reading.

All suggestion are welcome.
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