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Hello and welcome.

The installboot(8) program will write boot blocks to any drive - a separate script is not necessary, though it may have been helpful to you. The -r option of installboot is used to direct installboot to the root directory of the drive, while the biosboot(8) and boot(8) programs stored in /usr/mdec are explicitly defined as the stage1 and stage2 bootloaders to be installed.

For this example, the drive selected is sd7, and a temporary mount point /mnt is used.
  1. Mount the drive's root directory.

    # mount /dev/sd7a /mnt
  2. Change the working directory to /usr/mdec for ease of access to the pathnames for /usr/mdec/biosboot and /usr/mdec/boot.

    # cd /usr/mdec
  3. Issue the installboot(8) command. The -v option may be used to obtain a list of actions taken by installboot().

    # installboot -v -r /mnt sd7 biosboot boot
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