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Originally Posted by anemos View Post
It would be extremely interesting to know your or ephemera's or anyone else's opinion about the relationship between mathematics and CS.
Donald Knuth better know as Leonard Euler of CS has a Ph.D. in Algebra from Caltech. First computer is of course designed by John von Neumann who was a mathematician. I believe that Kan Thomson has a masters in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. In 70s and 80s before creating separate CS departments about 75% of CS people were educated as electrical engineers and 15% were mathematicians. The rest were from other departments. For instance Greg Lehey has a degree in Chemical Engineering. I think Kaith Bostic was originally Ph.D. student in Biology but DrJ will know better.

This is the book

I will use to teach one semester introduction into Discrete mathematics to a class of freshmen majoring in CS at my university. I am planing to use the following for the second semester

The above books have some tiny logical mistakes and inconsistencies but I could not find better for the freshman course especially if you take into account the price


P.S. By the way my area of expertise in wider sense is dynamical systems but that is a huge field and I know just tiny bits of it.

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