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I probably have one of the worst levels of education in mathematics, out of everyone on this forum.... so anything I can write should probably be taken with a grain of salt. But honestly, the only thing I've needed to know about math in order to work with programs, is how to read what's in front of me, and to understand how numbers can work together. The only real exceptions to the above statements, have usually involved some form of cryptography or a derivative subject; where the need for math can really kick in.

One could argue, that virtually everything interesting in Computer Science can fit (more tersely) into Mathematics at some level, CS is in of it self, a branch of math I believe.

Many of the things that I've read about data structures and algorithms over the years, are really not that different then what I've found on topics related to mathematics or physics; just a different application of thought. The software side of computer science needs to address the issue of design and maintainability of the software, which is probably not necessary in most other branches of mathematics. The parts that seem to fall into math & logic, should be easy enough to come to grips with, but a good education in math is well worth it!!!

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The study of mathematics should be fun for it's own sake; applying it, more of an exercise in making life easier.
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