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it's possible you're overlooking an option or configuration setting
Everything is possible, but the problem does not exist with the "iBookHacks" option which disappeared in 4.4. If you remember, this winter I had the same problem (, and after reporting the bug, I only had to go back to 4.3. This time even running "X -configure" will freeze the system, but then, once you have your Ati xorg.conf, you can use X just fine, simply no way back, if you try to close X or even to type "halt" or "reboot" while in X the system will freeze and the fan would start to spin spin spin...
This Ati thing on macppc is known to all *nixes, for example, from FreeBSD ppc port:
For ATI Radeon-based machines, a ofw syscons range check needs to be relaxed using the sysctl hw.ofwfb.relax_mmap
I don't know what it means, but whatever.

Anyway, you've convinced me, I'll give it another try, maybe with current. 4.5 is really nice and Firefox does not crash like the one I have in 4.3.
See you later
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