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Default Linux veteran hopping to UNIX

More of an introduction and then a couple questions..

So, i've been using linux since fedora core 6. I'm 21 years old, and currently a student in berkeley, studying for my certification in ethical hacking, and penetration testing of networks. I , in fact have a real pufferfish skeleton hanging from my ceiling(HE LOOKS LIKE PUFFY!) I feel as if, the pufferfish ive had my whole life has been telling me."OPENBSD IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!" I remember using openbsd when it was at version 4.8. I've decided, that, as a security professional in the making. I should make the swap to UNIX, that and to get in touch with my Unix roots.

That being said, i have a few projects im working on. First is a very simple script that will be executed after installation and setup exactly what i want. When i tried at school, my wildcard function wasnt working.

echo OpenBSD 5.0 quick installer (FTP version) 
echo '{ xfce4 - term - firefox - slim - feh - nmap - metasploit - nessus }'
echo by 0xicl33n
echo making cache and prepping for install
mkdir /home/root/installcache
export PKG_CACHE=/home/root/installcache
export PKG_PATH=""
pkg_add -i -vv nano
pkg_add -i -vv xfce4-*
pkg_add -i -vv xfdesktop-*
pkg+add -i -vv slim*-*
pkg_add -i -vv firefox

I would like to compile my own version of OpenBSD, springloaded with functional penetration testing tools (like, nmap, metasploit, nessus, etc)
You might say, why not use backtrack? But, backtrack isnt supported on so many ranges of old hardware, one of my fetishes is bringing old old computers back to life, and making them work. As servers, or whatever. Ill make another post about a laptop i would like to be using, but thats a different thread.
In addition to a script that pulls everything from the internet, i would like to have something that rips all of the packages from the cd that im going to make, incase the computer doesnt have LAN connection. I know how to get the packages, but how would i make sure all the dependencies are there?

i also plan on buying the absolute openbsd book and ssh mastery!

Im glad to have found a community of BSD fans, i hope i can make some friends here, and learn a lot

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