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The project has changed quite a bit from the time I posted the topic starter, see here.

Some things still relevant here:

Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
The one concern that jumps out at me is the desire for wireless AC. I know little about this, and would love to be proven wrong, but I suspect support for that in the BSD world is slim-to-none at this time. So that would be something to look into first (or re-assess the need). I don't have any AC equipment, so am not sure what the situation with that is on Linux either.
What's your go-to source for hardware friendly to free software? If I'm not mistaken, Linux supports AC Wi-Fi by now more or less, so why not BSD? Is there less interest, or the drivers are closed? I have found some, seemingly open-source friendly AC Wi-Fi dongles as well.

Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
So don't just do a feature comparison with a checklist. Design a solution. This is where laboratory testing can be very helpful. You can prove the validity of the design and components before investing in any new hardware.
These are all good points, what I would like to drive away, if you can point me to a good source on designing a system or a solution - in general? This sounds good.

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
I don't recommend pfSense for production use. Any product which is named after a software coded by a group they prefer not to mention is non-starter for me..
That's a bit puzzling to me. What does it mean?


Well... Location: Kosovo, Serbia

I don't take my stance on this. I hope he wasn't banned because of his above, helpful post to me!

Thanks for your help, all!
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